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Advertise with Us!

Indihome is the first Interactive TV (IPTV) service in Indonesia. Pay TV Service with best quality that provide an exciting and complete new experience.

Accurate and Real Time Data

Supported by accurate and credible data in detail and real time.

Market Leader

Currently IndiHome dominates the Pay TV market with the largest number of customers and spread across 300++ cities in Indonesia.

15 Million Potential Viewers

With the largest number of subscribers and channels, IndiHome's potential viewership reaches 15 million subscribers.

Advanced Technology

Supported by IPTV technology which gives clients more options for advertising.

3.7 million IndiHome Subscriber with potential viewers 15 Million


An advertisements that are placed during breaks in Live TV programs or also known as commercial breaks.

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Creative Ads

Creative Advertising is a form of advertising that is creatively developed on the IndiHome IPTV platform, the placement of which is not inserted into the program on a channel but rather on the EPG screen and STB launcher. Creative ads include Booting Ads, Navigation Ads, Pre-Roll Ads, Timeshift Ads, PiP (Picture in Picture) Ads, and Rotate Banner.

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Digital Ads

Placement of advertising material or content in IndiHome TV's OTT services: IndiHome TV Website and IndiHome TV application.

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Utilization of on-air and off-air programs as a medium for exposure and socialization of product/brand company brands. Sponsorship can be applied in built-in form (becoming part of the content, for example product usage, dialogue, etc.) or non-built-in (becoming part of the broadcast, for example OBB, CBB, SuperImpose, etc.).

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Value Added Services

VAS (Value Added Services) is a service that utilizes IndiHome TV's infrastructure and capabilities.

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Creative Ads

Production services or creation of program/content material include concept creation, filming/material creation process, and editing process. Additional services are available in the form of broadcasting material on IndiHome TV.

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